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Services Situation  If indoor air quality (IAQ) is insufficient people often ask for more outside air and higher air exchange rates. However, in many  places on this planet clean and fresh outside air is a rare commodity. To make outside air fit for purpose, it has to be elaborately  conditioned, filtered and purified. This solution is costly and the result is not always as expected. During peak demand the air  conditioning system may not cope with the increased workload and the rooms will be too hot, stuffy and smelly, as typically  encountered in crowded rooms with insufficient air supply.  Commonly, the air supply is controlled according to CO2 levels. With rising levels the HVAC system will move more outside air  into the room. However, long before CO2  levels approach legal limits, the hygienic limit is exceeded. The air is perceived as  smelly and stuffy due to VOCs and organic odors that originate from humans, cooking, cleaning or furnishings. Unfortunately,  the offending pollutants are not filtered out in standard HVAC systems and dilution (through introducing of outside air) tends to  take a long time. Adsorption filters take up a considerable amount of space, are very costly to operate and therefore usually not  viable. It would be very desirable to treat the air in such a way that it would be free of offensive pollutants and returned into the  room in an "immaculate" state.  Services offered by Pro Ace GmbH   Working closely with the stakeholders and their particular needs, our specialists use a scientifically proven approach to analyze  the situation, derive scenarios and propose a solution that works.  Ideally, designers/MEP Engineers and Developers approach us during the early planning stage of a building or renovation  project. With the planned parameters for a particular building and taking into account the intended purpose we use a holistic  approach to show possible solutions for substantial IAQ improvements, considerably lowered heating or cooling loads or a  combination of both.  We are very experienced for both new and existing buildings. If you plan any change of use or renovation and/or the current  IAQ is insufficient, we are happy to offer our consultancy services. For enquiries please use our Contact Form